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This section serves as the central source of information for students, faculty, and researchers. It is on the ground floor of the CSLIB, next to the UP Data Commons.

The Information desk (ID) is intended to assist you during your visit to the library. This desk answers inquiries on how to use the library, research, directions, identifying a certain library resource, and other CSLIB-related issues. ID is also in charge of online requests, student orientations, and the management of the library’s online student records.

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Readers Area

This area houses the Reader’s Services, which oversees the day-to-day operations of the library’s various sections and programs. Its primary function is to make searching and retrieving the collection easier.

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Individual Reading Area​

Located on the ground floor, next to the Information Desk. There are 50 carrels available for individual studying.  The use of power is allowed, as are spill-proof drinks.

Study Nook

Located on the building’s basement level. This part is appropriate for group study, collaborations, group projects, and individual research. Food and beverages are permitted in this location.

Group Reading Area

Located in the second-floor lobby.  This part is appropriate for group study, collaborations, group projects, and individual research. The use of power is allowed, as are spill-proof drinks. The maximum allowable capacity is 50 people. 

Circulation Section​

Located on the ground floor, right next to the ID Validation Desk. This is the library’s lending division. This section’s books can be rented for two weeks. This component also handles material renewal and payment of fines. The use of power is allowed, as are spill-proof drinks. The maximum allowable capacity is 50 people.

Reference Section

Located at the second floor lobby. This section is suitable for individual studying, reading, and browsing. The use of power is allowed, as are spill-proof drinks. The maximum allowable capacity is 30 people.  

Internet/Computer Section

This is located at the ground floor level of the library adjacent to the Information Desk. This section has six (6) computers available for students, faculty, and staff. There are printers and scanners available.  (This section is currently closed)

However, there are four PCs available for student use (two on the second floor and two in the reading section).  Printing and scanning services are also available.

For information about free wireless computing or (Wi-Fi), please see our ID Validation desk staff. Strict observance of the Approved Acceptable Use Policy for Information Technology (IT) Resources of the UP System is encouraged. For more information about this policy, please see https://upd.edu.ph/aup/.


Located at the ground floor level of the library, printing services provides access to black and white and colored printers. 

Printing rates:

    • P3.00 per page (B&W)          
    • P5.00 to P15.00 per page (color)


Do you want your selected images and articles scanned without having to leave the library? Yes, you certainly can! We offer scanning services for your images and articles of choice. Simply go to the Internet/Computer Section and ask for help.

Scanning fees: P3.00 per image saved to your own flash drive or other storage device.

Technical Section

Located on the library’s second floor. This section is in charge of preparing new books for circulation. Professional librarians should gain experience in this section because it involves technical skills. Tasks include safeguarding and processing materials, such as receiving, accessioning, cataloging, or classifying the materials. Our Institute libraries are observing centralized technical work.

Donate a Book

The library will warmly accept any contribution offer that will improve its collection in support of teaching, learning, and research. Before sending books, journals, or other resources to the library, interested parties should contact the library to discuss prospective gifts. Gifts and Exchange librarians may be notified in advance of such offers. However, if the subject matter is outside the scope of the library’s collection or if it duplicates current holdings, the library may deny such offers.

Grab a Book

Certain books and materials are being distributed by the Library. Please visit us on the second floor of the Technical Section, or phone the Gifts and Exchange Librarian at (02) 981-8697 for an updated list of books for donation.

Bindery Section

Located in the library’s basement level. The Bindery division is in charge of mending and binding all print items kept at the College of Science Library and its satellite libraries. Bindery procedures are carried out by well-trained employees under the supervision of the Technical Services Section’s Head.

Institute Libraries

Biology, chemistry, environmental science, forensic science, geological science, mathematics, marine science, material science, molecular biology and biotechnology, and physics subject libraries are dedicated to supporting each CS institute’s teaching, research, and extension efforts. 

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