Who may avail?

Enrolled UP students, Faculty, REPS/Admin Staff



1.UP ID/Form 5

2.UP Mail account

Steps to follow (Client)

1.Send an email request with the requirements and provide the following information through the CS Library's official Gmail account:
• Full name and Student/Employee number
• Attach your research paper/manuscript

2.Receive similarity index report with certification.

Steps to follow (Agency)

1.1.Receive and acknowledge email request/s.
1.2. Assess the requirements provided.
1.3.Run through Turnitin, and generate similarity index report (per document).
1.4.Send the generated similarity index report with certification.

Processing Time

15 Minutes

Person Responsible

Information Personnel,
College of Science Library

Similarity Index Report

This service involves generating a report that analyzes the level of similarity between a document and existing sources in databases or online platforms to detect potential plagiarism.

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