Who may avail?

CS Faculty only


Completed Online Library Material Request Form or Email request for purchase via Institute Library Coordinator

Steps to follow (Client)

1. Send a request to the CS Library Resource Material Tracking System using the link: www.tracking.cslib.upd.edu.ph or the Institute Libraries’ official Gmail account.

3.Receive an email confirmation of the request/s.

Steps to follow (Agency)

1.Receive and acknowledge request/s.

2.1. Check and verify the material/s (per title of the book).

2.2. Accomplish the library material request form and seek the approval of the Faculty- Library Representative and/or Institute Director.

2.3. Approved request/s will be forwarded to the CS Library Acquisition Section for processing in accordance with the procurement guidelines of UP Diliman.

2.4. Acquisition/ procurement process.

Processing Time

12 Months, 2 days and 14 minutes

Person Responsible

Library Coordinator,College of Science Institute Libraries

Library Coordinator,College of Science Institute Libraries

Faculty-Library Representative and Director,College of Science Institutes

Acquisition Personnel,College of Science Library

Through this service, CS Faculty can make a formal online request to acquire specific materials such as books, journals or online resources that are relevant to the field of Science.

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