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The setting up of the UP College of Science Institute Libraries was initially envisioned by Dr. Caesar Saloma in 2007, during the start of his 3-year tenure as CS Dean which was coterminous with then CSLIB Head Librarian, Mrs. Jocelyn Razal.  In April 2011, the actual setup of the Institute Libraries happened during the term of the current CSLIB Head Librarian, Mrs. Marie Antoinette Villaflor. Concurrently, it was during this time that most of the new building of CS Institutes were finally built in the National Science Complex; thus, spaces were provided for the Institute Libraries.  The initial phase in the establishment of the institute libraries was supervised by Mrs. Susannah V. Deasis until 2013.  Currently, Ms. Fraymon Joy P. Cruz is assisting the Head Librarian in supervising and improving the physical and digital learning spaces of the nine (9) Institute Libraries to support the College in its basic functions of instruction, research and extension services.

Timeline of CS Institute Libraries
1. April 2011 – National Institute of Physics (NIP) Library
2. April 2012 – Institute of Mathematics (IM) Library
3. June 2012 – Institute of Chemistry (IC) Library
4. November 2012 – National Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (NIMBB) Library
5. August 2013 – Institute of Environmental Science and Meteorology (IESM) Library
6. September 2015 – Institute of Biology (IB) Library
7. December 2015 – Material Science and Engineering Program (MSEP) Library
8. January 2017 – National Institute of Geological Sciences (NIGS) Library*
9. July 2018 – Natural Sciences Research Institute (NSRI) Library
*The date mentioned above indicate the time when the Institute Library was placed under the supervision of the College of Science Head Librarian.

Visit Us

Temporary Library hours: 8:00 am to 5:00pm, Monday-Tuesday. Closed on weekends and holidays.

Temporary Location: Room 214, NSRI Building or Miranda Hall along Quirino Street Corner Velasquez Street.


NSRI Library has books, journal articles, theses, and dissertations covering topics of forensic  DNA technology, criminal investigations, casework, population genetics, Philippine indigenous peoples, ethics in research, molecular biology, human rights, and rule of law.

Services and Facilities

  1. Document delivery
  2. Ask-a-librarian
  3. Current awareness
  4. Circulation of books, theses and dissertations
  5. Internet and Wi-Fi
  6. Reading area
  7. Borrowing/lending of library materials (UP researchers, staff, and faculty)

Note: For the meantime, the above mentioned services are for NSRI staff and researchers only. Library services for non-UP researchers will be available upon the official launching of the library.


  1. Remote Access through OpenAthens

Access more than a hundred databases in different disciplines and twenty (20) plus databases with science and technology subjects. Two ways to access OpenAthens:

            Access via MyAthens:

      • Go to https://my.openathens.net;
      • Search for “University of the Philippines Diliman” in the “Find your Institution” search bar;
      • Click “UP Webmail”;
      • Log in to your UP Mail account;
      • Select the electronic databases you wish to access.

            Access via Google Apps:

      • Sign in to your UP Mail at https://mail.up.edu.ph;
      • Click the App Launcher at the upper right corner, scroll down and click the OpenAthens;
      • Click “Login to MyAthens”;
      • Select the electronic databases you wish to access.
  1. CS Libraries eBook Hub

Access NSRI library frequently used books, NSRI library and other CS institute libraries eBook collection anytime and anywhere.

      • Go to the CS Libraries eBook Hub website at ebookhub.cslib.science.upd.edu.ph;
      • Click the Login With UP Mail button and enter your UP Mail credentials;
      • Once logged in, edit your personal details in the account management form and accept the terms and conditions;
      • Kindly wait for the CSLIB administrators to validate your account;
      • You will receive a confirmation email regarding your validation in your UP Mail account;
      • After validation, your next login will now be redirected to the homepage;
      • Finally, search by author or title using the discovery search box or explore the most frequently used books, syllabi references, and general list of eBooks per institute.
  1. Document delivery

For eBook and Journal article request, email us using your UP mail account.

      • If no UP mail yet, send us a copy of your Form 5.
      • No limit to the number of documents/titles as long as it’s needed.
  1. Borrowing Privileges

Find  NSRI book collection of the NSRI library at TUKLAS. Book request must be sent through your UP mail account. Send your request to our official NSRI library Gmail at nsri.library@science.upd.edu.ph

      • Undergraduate students – 5 circulation books for 1 week
      • Graduate students – 10 circulation books for 1 week
      • Faculty – 10 circulation books for one month
      • Research, Extension and Professional Staff (REPS) – 10 circulation books for 1 week
      • Administrative Staff – 5 circulation books for 1 week
      • Non-UP users – Room use only (temporarily suspended until further notice)
  1. Theses and Dissertations

The NSRI library houses a total of 52 undergraduate and graduate theses and dissertations. Check it out at this LINK.    

Request for electronic/scanned/print copy

      • Faculty – Full text w/o expiration (if adviser). *If the Faculty is not the adviser, he/she should comply with the requirements same with the students.
      • Students – Full text subject to the following requirements: (w/ expiration). *1. Classified as “F” for regular work; 2. Expired embargo (2018 and below); 3. University Permission page or must secure permission from the author or adviser.
  1. Ask-a-Librarian and Current Awareness

We provide the latest news and updates on the library’s collection, services and other announcements through our NSRI Library Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail account. Feel free to reach us anytime at our social media and Gmail account.

  1. General Descriptive Analysis (for NSRI researchers only)-For Publication & Citation Report, CS Newsletter, CS Historical Publication and Certification Request, email us using your UP mail account.

    For researcher publication and citation report requests, email us using your UP mail account.

8. Inter Library Loan (ILL)

For faculty who need help in obtaining reference materials from other libraries.

      • Send your request to our official Gmail using your UP mail account.

9. Library Orientation

For new students and faculty who want to learn some basic information about the NSRI library, its resources and how to use them.

      • Send your request to our official Gmail using your UP mail account.

10. Internet, Wi-Fi and battery charging stations

      • Wi-Fi, battery charging and computers are FREE and on a first-come, first-served basis.

Note: Register your electronic devices (laptop, cell phone, etc.) with the Librarian if you want to charge them and pay the energy use fee of P35/hour.

11. Reading and Discussion Area

      • First-come, first-served basis

12. Printing 


      • B&W – P3.00 per page
      • Color – P5.00 to P15.00 per page

Contact Us

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nsrilibrary

Email: nsri.library@science.upd.edu.ph

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