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The UP Marine Science Institute Library (MSI Library) is one of the Institute libraries of the College of Science established in the mid-80s.  It started as a special library with initial collection of donated materials from the faculty, research staff, local and international marine science institutions and organizations.


Our mission is  commited in providing the best resources in science information, transformative library services to meet the emerging needs, spaces and technologies in support of instruction, learning, research, extension and public service. Furthermore, the library remains critically responsive, dynamic and innovative to be relevant and sustainable in the changing environment.


We primarily cater to the marine science students, faculty, REP (Research, Extension, and Professional), and administrative staff of the Marine Science Institute.  We also accommodate researchers from other institute and colleges of the University and the public.


MSI Library has an on-site library in the main research station of the Marine Science Institute in Pangasinan, the Bolinao Marine Laboratory library (BML library).   We envision the Marine Science Institute library to be the information hub of local and foreign marine science resources in the Philippines.

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The MSI Library is strategically located at the upper ground floor of the UP Marine Science Institute building, adjacent to the Administration Office. It has two levels. The first level is for client transactions, holding most of the collections. The second level is The Learning Commons (TLC) where the viewing, studying, meeting and collaboration spaces are housed.


Library Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 6  p.m. from Monday to Friday.


The BML library in Bolinao, Pangasinan is situated at the ground floor of the Administration building of the Bolinao Marine Laboratory. 


The Marine Science Institute Library has an array collection of marine science resources in print and digital form of books, serials, theses and dissertations, maps, audio visuals, eBooks, e-journals, and online databases. Initial collections are from book donations of in-house researchers, personal subscription of faculty, and the Seaweeds and Invertebrates Information Center (SICEN) collection transferred in 1994.   The collections comprise a large percentage of reprints from various laboratories of the Institute. 

The library maintains a comprehensive source of information in various fields of marine science (i.e.  oceanography, marine biology, marine chemistry, marine geology, and marine biotechnology).  

It houses the Institute’s significant contribution to Philippine marine science in the research areas of marine biological diversity & tropical ecosystems, archipelagic oceanography, marine biotechnology, and climate change since the official operation of the UP MSI in 1975.   



MSI library organizes and maintains the following special collection:


MSI Publication– a compilation of the institute’s significant contribution to Philippine marine science since 1975.   The publications kept range from ISI listed journal articles, books, book chapters, editorial reviews, and conference proceedings of MSI faculty, students and researchers.  Copies of publication can be requested through the document delivery service of the library.  

Institutional archive and repository – established to showcase the intellectual outputs of the MSI family to the community and assists researchers in tracing the development of the Institute. The physical collection constitutes display of Institute books, scientific articles, theses and dissertations of students, photographs, and vertical files of MSI milestone activities.

Bolinao Special Collection – a compilation of scientific research conducted in and about the province of Bolinao, Pangasinan.  It includes researches on areas in the vicinity of the Lingayen Gulf. 

West Philippine Sea – a compilation of books, scientific articles, reports and news about the West Philippine Sea. 

Services and Facilities

  1. Ask-A-Librarian-feel free to ask questions/ inquiries to the Librarian, through email, social media or phone-in call  
  2. Current Awareness-get updated through our webpage (,   Facebook  (  and twitter ( accounts 
  3. Document Delivery – Request e-copy of article/s and book chapters via email
  4. Inter-library Loan – Faculty and staff may request to borrow books from other libraries 
  5. Data Analytics-for faculty only
  6. Library Orientation
  7. Scanning 
  8. Printing


OPAC station –located at level one with designated computers to search the library resources.


MSI Archives and Record Depository (MSI-ARD) – housed in one room at the first level of the library where knowledge products of MSI faculty, students and staff are displayed and historical records are organized.


Reading Area- situated at the first level  where in client transactions are held and collections are stored.  This The main area of the library for client transactions.


The Learning Commons (TLC) –  serves as the comfort zone of the MSI graduate students. TLC is WIFI ready and occupies the entire second floor of the library with provision for the following areas:

  • Viewing area- intended for students who missed the film showing in their class.  Class group discussion of 10-12 students is also allowed in this area through reservation. 
  • Meeting area- A group of 4-6 students can reserve this place for meeting purposes 
  • Collaboration spaces-  sofa, couches, tables and chairs are clustered for interaction
  • Study area-  Individual carrels with socket, light and adequate ventilation 


  1. Remote Access through OpenAthens

            Access more than a hundred databases in different disciplines and twenty (20) plus databases with science and technology subjects. Two ways to access OpenAthens:

            Access via MyAthens:

      • Go to;
      • Search for “University of the Philippines Diliman” in the “Find your Institution” search bar;
      • Click “UP Webmail”;
      • Log in to your UP Mail account;
      • Select the electronic databases you wish to access.

            Access via Google Apps:

      • Sign in to your UP Mail at;
      • Click the App Launcher at the upper right corner, scroll down and click the OpenAthens;
      • Click “Login to MyAthens”;
      • Select the electronic databases you wish to access.
  1. CS Libraries eBook Hub

            Access MSI syllabi references, MSI library frequently used books, MSI library and other CS institute libraries eBook collection anytime and anywhere.

      • Go to the CS Libraries eBook Hub website at;
      • Click the Login With UP Mail button and enter your UP Mail credentials;
      • Once logged in, edit your personal details in the account management form and accept the terms and conditions;
      • Kindly wait for the CSLIB administrators to validate your account;
      • You will receive a confirmation email regarding your validation in your UP Mail account;
      • After validation, your next login will now be redirected to the homepage;
      • Finally, search by author or title using the discovery search box or explore the most frequently used books, syllabi references, and general list of eBooks per institute.
  1. Document delivery

            For eBook and Journal article request, email us using your UP mail account.

      • If no UP mail yet, send us a copy of your Form 5.
      • No limit to the number of documents/titles as long as it’s part of your MSI syllabi references.
  1. Borrowing Privileges

            Find marine science book collection of the MSI library at TUKLAS. Book request must be sent through your UP mail account. Send your request to our official MSI library Gmail at

      • Undergraduate students – 5 circulation books for 2 weeks
      • Graduate students – 10 circulation books for 2 weeks
      • Faculty – 10 circulation books for 1 semester
      • Research, Extension and Professional Staff (REPS) – 10 circulation books for 1 week
      • Administrative Staff – 5 circulation books for 1 week
      • Non-UP users – Room use only (temporarily suspended until further notice)
  1. Theses and Dissertations

            The MSI library houses theses and dissertations. Check it out at this LINK.  

            Request for electronic/scanned/print copy

      • Faculty – Full text w/o expiration (if adviser). *If the Faculty is not the adviser, he/she should comply with the requirements same with the students.
      • Students – Full text subject to the following requirements: (w/ expiration). *1. Classified as “F” for regular work; 2. Expired embargo (2018 and below); 3. University Permission page or must secure permission from the author or adviser.
  1. Ask-a-Librarian and Current Awareness

            We provide the latest news and updates on the library’s collection, services and other announcements through our MSI Library Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail account. Feel free to reach us anytime at our social media and Gmail account.

  1. General Descriptive Analysis (for MSI faculty only)-For Publication & Citation Report, CS Newsletter, CS Historical Publication and Certification Request, email us using your UP mail account.

    For faculty publication and citation report requests, email us using your UP mail account

  1. Acquisition of Library Materials (for MSI Faculty only)
      • Send library material request to the MSI Librarian-in-Charge, or
      • Fill out the online library material request form at The College of Science Tracking System is a web-based platform that will allow CS Faculty to submit book request(s) online, check the status of book request(s) anytime, check the book fund updated per institute and view the updated list of new books per institute.
  1. Inter Library Loan (ILL)

            For faculty who need help in obtaining reference materials from other libraries.

      • Send your request to our official Gmail using your UP mail account.
  1. Library Orientation

            For new students and faculty who want to learn some basic information about the MSI library, its resources and how to use them.

      • Send your request to our official Gmail using your UP mail account.
  1. Internet, Wi-Fi and battery charging stations
      • Wi-Fi, battery charging and computers are FREE and on a first-come, first-served basis.
  1. Reading and Discussion Area
      • First-come, first-served basis
  1. Printing and Scanning


      • B&W – P3.00 per page
      • Color – P5.00 to P15.00 per page


      • P3.00 per page
      • Scan limit: up to 20 pages only (color or B&W)
      • Delivery: send through UP mail within the day

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For inquiries, comments and suggestions, you may contact us in any of the following channels:




Phone:  8981-8500 local 2913

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