Who may avail?

Enrolled UP students, Faculty, REPS and Admin staff


1.Copy of UP ID/Form 5/Form 5A

2.UP Mail account

Steps to follow (Client)

1.Check TUKLAS (URL:https://tuklas.up.edu.ph/) for the availability of the book.

2.Obtain the book from the shelf and accomplish book card with name, college and student/employee number.

3.Receive the book/s.

Steps to follow (Agency)


2.1.Received the material/s and check the accomplished book card/s, and UP ID or Form 5.

2.2.Verify the borrower’s status at the Integrated Library System (BUKLOD URL: https://buklod.up.edu.ph)

2.3.Scan barcode of book and check-out under the borrower’s account.

2.4.Deactivate security tag.

2.5.Stamp due date and countersign due date slip and book card.

2.6.Provide the book/s.

Processing Time

2 Minutes

Person Responsible

Circulation and Information Personnel,College of Science Library

Library Coordinator,College of Science Institute Libraries

Bona fide UP Diliman students, faculty members and staff mode of borrowing books.

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