Who may avail?

CS Faculty only


Email request via UP Mail Account

Steps to follow (Client)

1.Send requests through the CS Institute Libraries’ official Gmail account.

2.Receive the report/s and/or certification/s.

Steps to follow (Agency)

1.1.Receive and acknowledge email.
1.2.Perform a Scopus search (and other indexing tools such as Web of Science and Google Scholar).
1.3.Check and verify the results, then generate report.
1.4.Send the report/s and/or certification/s.

Processing Time

• Per faculty-30 Minutes
• Per Institute-1-2 Days

Total time: 2 Days and 39 minutes

Person Responsible

Library Coordinator, College of Science Institute Libraries

General Descriptive Analysis

This is a report and certification of the CS faculty members’ publication and citation using the indexing tools such as Scopus, Web of Science and Google Scholar, and other data-related request/s (e.g. CS Newsletter, CS Historical Publication, Certification Request).

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