Who may avail?

Enrolled UP students, Faculty, REPS and Admin staff



  1. For CSLIB-For CSLIB-Letter of request addressed to the CS Libraries' Head Librarian to be sent via the Official CS Library's UP mail account.
  2. For Institute Libraries-Letter of request addressed to the Institute Library Coordinator to be sent via the official Institute Library UP mail account.

Steps to follow (Client)

  1. Send an email request to the official UP mail accounts of the CS Library and/or the Institute Libraries.
  2. Receive feedback.

Steps to follow (Agency)

1.1. Receive and acknowledge email request.

1.2.Seek approval from the CS Libraries' Head Librarian or the Institute Library Coordinator.

1.3.Send approval status to the client through email.

Processing Time

1 Hour and
4 minutes

Person Responsible

Information Personnel, College of Science Library
Library Coordinator, College of Science Institute Libraries

This service is a presentation to introduce and familiarize clients with library services, spaces, and resources offered to our target specific client.

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